How To Set A Homepage

Any existing page or new page can be set as a homepage, Michael.

Under Settings >> Reading

In WordPress, "Your latest posts" is always set as a homepage by default.

So you change it to "a static page", and choose any page you want from the dropdown list to be as homepage. Click Save. That particular page will appear next time you visit

Right now your current home page is set to "Home" only because I named that page "Home"

I think we HTML generation all name a homepage "Home" but you can name it anything you like, if you're creating a new homepage.

Create A New Homepage With Thrive Architect

The good thing about Thrive Architect is, it has hundreds of landing page templates.

  1. 1
    Go to "Pages" >> "Add New"
  2. 2
    I'm just gonna create a new page on my site. I'll name the page "Hello Wednesday"
  3. 3
    Save Draft.

Sorry I forgot to mention this last time...

When you create a Page for the first time and launch Thrive Architect for the first time (the green button), this screen will pop up.

Choose "Pre-built Landing Page" and you can create a standalone landing page.

What I mean by standalone is, whatever you do to this page (change layouts, menu, font style...) will not affect the other pages/posts of your website.

So if you click "Pre-built Landing Page", a list of templates will show up.

These are sets of templates, listed by style (different looks - fonts, layouts).

So first you click one that may look good to you in the first instance.

It will then open up with several different templates for different purposes.

Now choose any of them according to your requirements (what kind of things you want to display). For example, 3 colums with a book in each column.

You can add elements, delete elements, and edit them later.

So you can choose a "Webinar Page" template even if you never run a webinar. That template is only designed suitable for webinar, but you can delete the video element and use it for a different purpose.

You could spend hours if you tried to find the most suitable template at this point. I suggest that you choose one that may "look ok", then if you don't like it, choose another one!

How To Change The Template

At any point, if you want to change the template, click this Cloud icon at the right-hand menu...

The list of templates will pop up again.

The only thing is, if you change the template, whatever you've worked on so far on that page will be deleted.