Link Colour & Feature Image

Link Colour

Hi Michael/Malane, 

To change the colour of hyperlink manually...

Click Here - Mine's red right now, that's because it's set up in red by my theme default. You can change it manually to blue.

1. First, click where the link is ("Here")

2. Ctrl+A - it should highlight the word(s) with the link.

3. Now click the colour palette in the side bar.

4. Move your cursor anywhere you like and choose your favourite colour.

5. You'll see the link colour's changed?

6. When you're happy with the colour, click Apply to set.

Click Here 

How To Set Your Link Colour Globally

The default colour of hyperlink is set within Thrive Theme Builder. 

So go to Thrive Theme Builder first.

Then click "Typography"

Then click this pencil icon.

This is where you can change the font size, style, colour, etc. Also you can change the default line height (space between two lines).

For example, if you want all your H2 text to be bigger than the current size, you can change it here. Save & close, then next time you open any post/page, you'll find all the H2 header text size changed.

Scroll down a bit, and you'll find;

Here, you see the colour is set as light blue. Click it and...

This bit...where it says "Normal" is a dropdown list.

Click "Hover" - you'll see the colour's changed to green.

It means your link is coloured light blue right now, but when you hover your cursor, it should change to green.

You can change both the colours to anything you want. e.g. Darker blue, but when you hover, change to purple.

Featured Image

You may have already worked out, but a "featured image" on each post...

...should be saved here. 

In your WordPress post editor, scroll down the right-hand side bar, where it says Featured image. Then save the page.

...And it should appear in your post header.