Menu Bars!

Hi Michael/Malane,
I just thought I'd create a simple "how to create/edit menu bars" manual.

The menu bars that I've already created can be found here;

  1. On the left-side bar, go to Appearance >>> Menus.
  2. Here's a drop-down list. You'll find the 5 different menu bars here. Choose one that you want to view or edit.
  3. Click [Select]
  4. Here, you can add/edit/remove items from the menu. (Sorry, I've written "Drag & drop" above but realise that you can't drag there. You need to tick the ones you want to add, then click the [Add to Menu] button.)

The left-hand side box is a list of ALL the pages and posts that you've created.

Any page, post, category, or even an external page ("Custom Links") can be added to your menu.

The Order & Sub Menu Items

The right-hand side shows the actual menu that's laid out as it is. You can click & hold each box and; 

  • Drag it up & down to change the order.
  • Drag it slightly to the right, and it will become a sub-menu.

As you can see, "The Bridge of Death Things" and "The Scarab Heart" are both slightly indented to the right, and they're placed under "Lizzie's Titles", displaying them as sub menu items.

Simplifying Menu Structure

Menu 1 is your original header menu.

Menu 2 was converted from your vertical menu on the left-hand side of some of the pages.

With your original site, I really LOVED your beautiful side menu, Malane. But nowadays vertical menu bars are rarely used, because they don't display well on a mobile device.

In mobile view, sidebar menus (or any item place in the sidebar) are automatically shifted to the bottom of the page. So mobile users won't get to see them until they scroll it right down. 

I understand that you want to minimise the number of menu items (4 tabs?) So perhaps you can make all the pages accessible from the header menu (Menu 1)?

Changing a Menu Label (=Text Display)

I almost forgot to tell you this! 

By default, the whole title of each page will be displayed on your menu bar. For example, "Gooseberry: The Case of the Thieving Maharajah" - as a title in the menu bar, you may feel it would be too long. And if it's too long, it won't fit in the top header space. So you may want to shorten it, say, "Gooseberry" instead. (I'm just saying this as an example, because this particular one is fitting okay there as a sub-menu.)

To shorten the title display on the menu;

  1. Click the trianglular icon there to open it up, and
  2. Just type in "Gooseberry".

This will only change the label on the menu, it won't change the actual page title.

You may want to change the menu label temporarily sometimes, like "Out Now!" "February Offers!" etc. 

Click Save!

When you've made a change to the menu...don't forget to click "Save Menu" button at the bottom-right corner.

You know what, I'm sure you won't forget it. It's just me, I seem to be dumb enough to forge to click Save every time!

Once you change the menu, it should be changed automatically on all the pages.