New Contact Form

Hi Malane/Michael,

Here's how to place a contact form from scratch.

In Thrive Architect - there should be a "contact form" icon in the right-hand side bar.

There. Just drag it to wherever you want to place.

Choose a template.

I can see 10 x contact form templates.

By the way, other templates include opt-in forms ("Sign up to receive my newsletter!") - maybe this is something you want to consider in the future? Mailchimp is supposed to be the best one, and it's free up to 2,000 contacts.

So I just chose a template as above.

First, click anywhere within the form... And the control panel should appear on your left.

1. "Add Connection" - as I previously explained in Choose "Email" so you'll receive a notification every time someone sends a message.

2. "Form Fields" - You can add other elements such as Phone number, radio button (option button), etc.

You might want to remember that...

If you click the pencil icon, and...

Tick required... 

Then the text area (message box) will become a required element. If a user tries to send a blank message to you, they'll receive an error warning.

3. "After successful submission" - This is how you want users to be notified immediately after they send a message to you.

  • "Show success notification" - this is a quick option. As soon as they send a message, a popup box will come up and say "Your message has been sent successfully!" - you can edit this message there.
  • "Redirect to Custom URL" - Alternatively, you can create a "thank you" page. As soon as a user sends a message to you, they'll be redirected to this particular page. It's good when you want to offer something. For example, if they write feedback of your book, they'll be invited to some promotional book copy page immediate after they send the feedback.

4. "Edit Form Elements" - Here, you'll edit within the actual form. You can change the button colour, text size, also the minimum & maximum characters of the required message, etc.

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5. "API / HTML Code" - You won't need to do anything for contact form. This is when you want to use an opt-in form (sign up with you to receive email newsletter) - you can use this bit to connect it to an email marketing software like Mailchimp that I mentioned earlier.